Tosa Juku Junior High School Embraces Digital Literacy with the Launch of "Ray's Blog" Program


November 17, 2023

Kochi, Japan, - Tosa Juku Junior High School, located in the vibrant Kochi Prefecture of Japan, has taken a significant leap in enhancing digital literacy among its students. On April 1st, the school proudly launched the innovative "Ray's Blog" program, a two-day initiative designed to elevate media literacy among its entire student body.


The "Ray's Blog" program, developed with the aim of empowering the next generation of digital citizens, was meticulously crafted to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age. Over the course of two days, every student at Tosa Juku Junior High School engaged in a series of interactive workshops and activities.

Program Highlights and Outcomes

The program focused on critical aspects of media literacy, including understanding digital content, responsible online communication, and the discernment of credible sources. The students were not only recipients of this knowledge but also active participants, creating their own digital content and blogs as a practical application of their new skills.

Benefits and Impact

The success of the "Ray's Blog" program was evident in the enthusiastic participation of students and the positive feedback from educators and parents alike. By integrating media literacy into its curriculum, Tosa Juku Junior High School has set a new standard for educational institutions seeking to equip their students for a digital future.

"We are delighted with the outcome of the 'Ray's Blog' program," said Mr Sato, Principal of Tosa Juku Junior High School. "It is crucial for our students to navigate the digital world with confidence and critical thinking, and this program has been a significant step in that direction."

Encouraging Future Adoption:

The success of the "Ray's Blog" initiative at Tosa Juku Junior High School serves as an inspiring model for other educational institutions. It demonstrates the positive impact of integrating media literacy into school curriculums and encourages the adoption of similar programs worldwide.

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