We're tired of conventional learning.

This world's excessive greed for "rightness" destroyed the curiosity of our generation. Let's solve this problem with the power of gamification. Because the power to move hearts and entertain the world holds the power to educate. Our strength is in the ability to create an engrossing, immersive world. We bloom uncontrollable impulses and ever-lasting memorable experiences to drive your message.

Classroom Adventure is a Tokyo-based gamification team that specializes in taking your educational concepts into a captivating adventure.




Why do we learn in school? We attempt to answer this question by gamifying the school curriculum to spark curiosity and ignite interests in each student.

Corporate Training

Nobody likes conventional corporate training. Let's turn it into an engaging team-building event. We redesign your corporate training to promote communication and team productivity.

Brand Message

We believe branding is educating society with your message. It's a problem that can not be solved with correctness alone. We create engagement from audiences difficult to reach with conventional strategies.

Our Team

We are a team of entertainment experts with a background in various fields such as computer science and game design.

Noa Horiguchi

Co-Founder / CEO

Hinata Furukata

Co-Founder / Creative

Zentaro Imai

Co-Founder / Engineer

Kanjuro Ishikawa

Co-Founder / Business Strategy

Dashiell Modesitt-Wong


Daniel Wang


William Ethan Penhalegon

Head of Global Operations

Megan Miyazaki

Game Designer

Tae Lim Kim

Creative Director