Ray's Blog Triumphs at the University SDGs ACTION! AWARDS with Asahi Shimbun

April 9, 2024

Tokyo, Japan – Classroom Adventure is thrilled to announce that its flagship program, "Ray's Blog," has been awarded the prestigious Grand Prize at the University SDGs ACTION! AWARDS, hosted by Asahi Shimbun. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to combating misinformation and enhancing media literacy among youth through innovative educational tools.

About Ray's Blog

"Ray's Blog" is an experiential media literacy program designed for middle and high school students, leveraging the engaging format of a game app intertwined with instructive narratives. The program aims to empower students with the skills to discern and verify information amidst the rampant spread of misinformation and fake news online. Through interactive gameplay that includes verification exercises, students develop critical thinking and fact-checking skills essential in today’s digital age.

The Grand Prize comes with a 500,000 JPY award and highlights the groundbreaking approach of "Ray's Blog" in fostering critical media literacy skills. Developed by a team from Keio University, the program uniquely combines gaming with education to address a critical societal issue - the spread of misinformation, which notably impacts the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Empowering Youth Through Media Literacy

Upon receiving the award, the team emphasized the program's focus on empowering the younger generation with media literacy to navigate the complexities of the digital information landscape confidently. "We are currently moving towards extending our content to a broader audience across various generations and appreciate all the support as we continue this journey."

"Ray's Blog" stands out as a pioneer in the realm of educational gaming by not only engaging players in a compelling story but also by encouraging them to venture beyond the game, utilizing the internet for fact-checking real-world information. This innovative approach ensures that participants not only learn but also apply critical media literacy skills in real-life scenarios, thus contributing significantly to resolving social issues through enhanced public understanding and action.

About Classroom Adventure

Classroom Adventure, based in Tokyo, is proud to lead the charge in gamification for education and corporate programs. Our mission to "make learning fun" drives us to develop programs that engage users actively, fostering sustainable engagement strategies that go beyond traditional marketing and advertising methods.

As "Ray's Blog" garners this prestigious accolade, we are inspired to further our mission of spreading media literacy and critical thinking skills worldwide. We invite educators, institutions, and organizations to join us in this endeavor to empower the next generation against the tide of misinformation.

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