"Ray's Blog" Reshapes Media Literacy Education at Mejiro University


December 25, 2023

A Milestone in Higher Education: "Ray's Blog" at Mejiro University

Classroom Adventure recently held a special session of "Ray's Blog" at Mejiro University's Media Studies Department, marking a significant expansion of the program's reach. Conducted in front of 60 students, this event highlighted the importance of media literacy in higher education settings.

Engaging the Next Generation of Media Professionals

"Ray's Blog", traditionally offered to middle and high school students, demonstrated its relevance and effectiveness in a university setting. Mejiro University students experienced a departure from conventional lecture-style learning, engaging in an interactive, gamified format that fostered practical understanding and focused attention.

The Need for Media Literacy in Higher Education

This event at Mejiro University underscores the essential need for media literacy education at all levels, including higher education. As the landscape of media continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly crucial for future media professionals to be equipped with the skills to navigate and critically assess information.

"Ray's Blog": Bringing Fun to Learning at Universities

One key takeaway from the event is the recognition that "fun" in learning is not just for younger audiences. "Ray's Blog" proved that engaging, entertaining educational experiences are equally important in university settings, contributing significantly to student engagement and learning outcomes.

Call to Action: Bring "Ray's Blog" to Your Institution

Recognizing the success of "Ray's Blog" in both secondary and higher education, Classroom Adventure invites universities and corporate training programs to consider incorporating this innovative tool into their curricula. For a firsthand experience of how "Ray's Blog" can transform media literacy education in your institution, we encourage you to request a demo through our contact page.

Explore the possibilities of gamified learning and empower your students or employees with essential media literacy skills. Visit Contact to request a demo of "Ray's Blog".

Transform your educational approach with "Ray's Blog" – where learning meets engagement and empowerment.

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