"Ray's Blog" Impresses at Trusted Media Summit 2023: A Gamified Twist on Media Literacy


December 6, 2023

The Trusted Media Summit, held from December 1-3 at Google Singapore, provided a global stage for the innovative "Ray's Blog" program from Classroom Adventure. This title now includes the specific details of the event's location and date, enhancing the report's focus on "Ray's Blog" and its unique contribution to the summit with a gamified approach to media literacy.

Innovative Session: Gamifying Fact-Checking and Media Literacy

At the Trusted Media Summit 2023, Classroom Adventure's "Ray's Blog" made a significant impact in the "Show & Tell: Gamifying news and information literacy" session. Held in the Fuji room, this session was part of the News & Information Literacy track, focusing on the creative intersection of gaming and education.

The Unique Approach of "Ray's Blog"

"Ray's Blog" distinguished itself by presenting a unique gamified approach to fact-checking and media literacy. The program's representatives delivered an engaging talk, outlining the innovative concept behind their game, its objectives, and the reasons it deserves attention. The session provided an excellent platform for "Ray's Blog" to demonstrate how gamification can make learning about media literacy more interactive and appealing, especially to younger audiences.

Interactive Live Demo and Pitch

Following the pitch, "Ray's Blog" captivated the audience with a live demo, showcasing the practical application of their gaming concept in educating about media literacy. This interactive demonstration allowed attendees to experience firsthand the effectiveness and appeal of gamification in learning complex subjects like fact-checking and media literacy.


The participation of Classroom Adventure's "Ray's Blog" in the "Show & Tell: Gamifying news and information literacy" session was a highlight of the Trusted Media Summit 2023. Their innovative approach to gamifying media literacy not only engaged the summit attendees but also set a new standard in educational methods. "Ray's Blog" has proven that through creative gamification, learning about media literacy can be both fun and impactful, paving the way for future advancements in educational technologies.

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