"Ray's Blog" Featured on Tokyo FM's "One Morning" Highlighting the Importance of Media Literacy

レイのブログの活動をTokyo FMで特集頂きました

April 13, 2024

Tokyo, Japan - We are excited to announce that "Ray's Blog", the innovative educational program developed by Classroom Adventure, was featured on Tokyo FM's popular morning show, One Morning. This spotlight on our program underscores its importance and effectiveness in teaching essential fact-checking skills through gamification.

"Ray's Blog" integrates the charm of narrative and interactive gameplay to empower students to navigate the complex media landscape. By engaging in this detective-style game, players learn to discern accurate information amidst a sea of misinformation. The feature on Tokyo FM highlights the relevance and urgent need for media literacy in today's digital age.

As "Ray's Blog" continues to gain recognition, we remain committed to our mission of fostering critical thinking and media literacy among the youth, ensuring they are equipped to face the challenges of misinformation. We extend our gratitude to Tokyo FM's One Morning for showcasing our efforts and to all our supporters and participants who believe in our vision.

For more information about "Ray's Blog" and to explore how it can be implemented in educational settings, please visit our website at Classroom Adventure.

One Morning on TokyoFM (2024-04-04)
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