Ray’s Blog Engages Taiwanese Students: Event Summary


May 22, 2024

Classroom Adventure has launched the Taiwanese version of "Ray’s Blog" through an exclusive partnership with the Taiwan FactCheck Center. Prior to this launch, a four-day workshop and press conference were held with the collaboration of Google and the Taiwan FactCheck Center.

Day 1-2: Media Literacy Workshop

Exploring Media Literacy: Taiwan-Japan Exchange Workshop at NCCU and Zhonglun High School

The workshop series began on May 15, 2024, at National Chengchi University (NCCU), a prominent institution in communication studies. Organized by Professor 劉慧雯 from the College of Communication and supported by the Media Literacy Research Office, the workshop featured an introduction by Secretary 江坤鋒 of the International Cooperation Affairs Office. He highlighted the strong academic ties between NCCU and Keio University and expressed the significance of media literacy education.

The participants, primarily master's and doctoral students in communication, engaged in interactive sessions with the Japanese team from Classroom Adventure. Despite their familiarity with digital verification tools, they found practical applications challenging. The game "Ray’s Blog" helped them rediscover these tools in a real-world context, making the learning process engaging and practical.

High School Students Engage in Media Literacy

On May 16, the workshop moved to Zhonglun High School, where the National Education Center and teachers 陳文燕 and 張雅茹 facilitated the activities. High school students participated enthusiastically, exploring digital tools like Google Maps to verify historical photos and locations, enhancing their understanding of digital resources.

One student, 吳亭儀, was particularly struck by a game segment addressing misinformation in short videos, prompting her to be more discerning when consuming such content in the future.

Press Conference and Media Literacy Events

The highlight of the series took place on May 17-18. The press conference on May 17 unveiled the Taiwanese version of the game, "3年B班的隱藏者" (Hidden in Class 3B), featuring Taiwanese voiceovers and subtitles for a more immersive experience. The event included presentations from key partners, such as community universities, the Taiwan Media Literacy Education Foundation, and NTU's Yulin Project trainees, showcasing their media literacy initiatives.

Educators and Students Workshops

On May 18, separate sessions for educators and students were conducted. The workshops featured hands-on activities led by Taiwan FactCheck Center editor 陳偉婷, emphasizing the importance of verifying information amid rampant online misinformation. The event concluded with a discussion between Classroom Adventure CEO 堀口野明 and Taiwan FactCheck Center’s International Affairs Director 何蕙安, offering insights into the significance of media literacy and fact-checking education for the youth.

Launch of "Hidden in Class 3B" and Collaborative Showcase

On May 17, the game "3年B班的隱藏者" made its debut at a press conference held at Xingtian Temple. This board game, collaboratively developed over three months by Classroom Adventure and the Taiwan FactCheck Center, aims to demystify the fact-checking process through interactive gameplay. The launch event attracted nearly 40 participants, including professionals from media, cybersecurity, education NGOs, and community universities.

Interactive Learning Through Gameplay

The game, set in a school environment, challenges players to verify information and uncover the truth, mirroring the real-world battle against misinformation. Classroom Adventure’s CEO, 堀口野明, shared the game's design philosophy, emphasizing the need to make media literacy education engaging and practical.

The event also featured showcases from partner organizations. The Taiwan Media Literacy Education Foundation presented "Election Wind Indicator," a media literacy tool highlighting the impact of sharing and consuming information. NTU's Yulin Project trainees introduced their board game "The Elephant in the Media," focusing on the role of emotions in information dissemination. Lastly, the Xinchuang Community University's "Insightful Heroes" board game was demonstrated, designed to educate seniors on the accuracy of information and the impact of generative AI.

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