NHK Spotlights "Ray's Blog" in a Groundbreaking Media Literacy Session at Kosei Academy High School


December 25, 2023

Revolutionizing Education: Classroom Adventure's Impact

Classroom Adventure has recently brought an innovative educational experience to Japan's Kosei Academy High School with its flagship program, "Ray's Blog". This groundbreaking session, spotlighted on NHK, Japan's public broadcaster, showcased a unique blend of gameplay and instructional content aimed at enhancing media literacy among students.

NHK Feature: A Newsworthy Educational Event

The NHK feature highlighted the immersive two-hour session where students actively engaged with the "Ray's Blog" game. They not only enjoyed the interactive gameplay but also participated in a comprehensive lecture. This included learning crucial fact-checking skills and mindsets, along with a workshop where they created fake news themselves, understanding its construction and impact.

Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

Students at Kosei Academy High School showed remarkable enthusiasm for this new form of learning. They dived into the game-based program, demonstrating active participation and engagement. This approach, diverging from traditional learning methods, was particularly effective in holding their interest and fostering a deeper understanding of media literacy.

Addressing Japan's Media Literacy Education Gap

Japan has often been cited as lagging behind other nations in media literacy education. "Ray's Blog", with its fresh and engaging approach, has garnered attention as a pioneering solution to this educational gap. The program's success at Kosei Academy High School stands as a testament to its potential in revolutionizing media literacy education in Japan and beyond.

Call to Action: Explore "Ray's Blog"

In light of this successful implementation and the growing need for effective media literacy education, Classroom Adventure invites educational institutions and organizations to explore "Ray's Blog". This program is not just a game; it's a movement towards empowering the youth with the skills to discern truth from falsehood in today's complex information landscape. To experience this transformative educational tool, schools and organizations are encouraged to request a demo and witness firsthand the impact of "Ray's Blog" in nurturing informed, critical thinkers for the future.

Remember, in the world of information, not everything is as it seems. Equip your students with the power to uncover the truth with "Ray's Blog".


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