Classroom Adventure Unveils 'Ray's Blog' Global Edition at Trusted Media Summit 2023


November 19, 2023

Introduction to Classroom Adventure's New Global Initiative

Classroom Adventure, Japan's leading force in fact-checking education, is thrilled to announce the global launch of its acclaimed EdTech program, "Ray's Blog," at the Trusted Media Summit 2023 in Singapore. This event, scheduled from December 1-3, marks a significant milestone, as Classroom Adventure has received a special invitation from American tech giant Google, recognizing the innovative approach of "Ray's Blog" in combating fake news and elevating media literacy.

Combating Fake News with Ray's Blog

In a world increasingly challenged by the spread of misinformation, particularly in times of conflict, war, and pandemics, the need for credible and sustainable solutions is more crucial than ever. Traditional media literacy education often focuses on what not to do, such as avoiding Wikipedia or limiting children's social media usage. However, Classroom Adventure's "Ray's Blog" offers a unique solution. It empowers users to make informed decisions by discerning accurate information from a blend of real and false data. This revolutionary approach has been recognized for its effectiveness, earning accolades at the Google Verification Challenge where it emerged as the Japanese champion and ranked fourth globally.

About Ray's Blog

"Ray's Blog" is a groundbreaking program that teaches fact-checking skills and mindset through an engaging puzzle game format. Set in an anime-inspired world, the story begins with a mysterious challenge from a character named Ray. Players navigate through a mix of true and false information, advancing the narrative by making correct judgments. The program uniquely encourages participants to step out of the story world and use the internet for fact-checking, thereby gaining practical skills like Geopoint Location (image analysis) and a fundamental understanding of different media characteristics. Launched in February 2023 in Japanese, "Ray's Blog" has already been implemented in various educational institutions, including middle and high schools, language schools, and standalone events.

Global Launch and Future Prospects

Classroom Adventure will officially launch the English version of "Ray's Blog" at the Trusted Media Summit 2023, hosted in Singapore from December 1-3. This summit, supported by the Google News Initiative, is a prestigious annual gathering of journalists, fact-checkers, educators, researchers, activists, and policy makers combating misinformation in the APAC region. The summit will feature a pitch and a 40-minute demo play by representative Horiguchi under the theme "Show & Tell: Gamifying news and information literacy." This event marks the beginning of Classroom Adventure's ambition to introduce "Ray's Blog" to educational institutions and companies worldwide, with ongoing discussions for implementation in American universities and high schools.

For more information on the Trusted Media Summit 2023, visit here.

About Classroom Adventure

Based in Tokyo, Classroom Adventure is a team dedicated to solving challenges through gamification. With the motto "Making Learning Fun," the global team develops programs for schools and companies, both domestically and internationally. Classroom Adventure creates engaging user interactions that traditional marketing and advertising strategies struggle to achieve, enabling sustainable strategies.

For more about Classroom Adventure, visit here.

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