HKU's ANNIE Features Classroom Adventure's Ray's Blog

香港大学のANNIEで"Ray's Blog"のスペシャルセッションを開催させていただきます

January 15, 2024

Classroom Adventure is excited to announce a special session of its innovative educational game, "Ray's Blog", at Hong Kong University’s journalist group, ANNIE (Asian Network for News and Information Exchange). This event, set for January 19th, represents a key collaboration in the field of media literacy education.

The partnership with ANNIE, a leader in fact-checking and misinformation education, underscores the relevance and impact of "Ray's Blog" in empowering critical thinking and fact-checking skills. The game, developed by Classroom Adventure, has been integrated into ANNIE's agenda for their first monthly gathering of 2024.

This collaboration aligns with ANNIE's ambitious projects for the year, including the ANNIE School Net and initiatives against public health misinformation. Classroom Adventure's participation highlights the importance of innovative educational tools in shaping the next generation of informed, critical thinkers.

For more details on this exciting collaboration and to learn more about ANNIE's impactful work, please visit their website and announcement page.

ANNIE's Announcement:


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