Classroom Adventure’s “Ray’s Blog” Featured on FM Yokohama’s Lovely Days


June 16, 2024

Tokyo, Japan – Classroom Adventure is excited to announce that our flagship program, “Ray’s Blog,” was recently featured on FM Yokohama’s popular show, Lovely Days. The special segment, broadcasted live, included an insightful interview with Classroom Adventure’s co-founder, Zentaro Imai.

“Ray’s Blog” is an innovative educational game designed to teach essential fact-checking skills through an engaging and interactive format. By incorporating elements of gamification and leveraging the beloved aesthetics of Japanese anime, “Ray’s Blog” captivates its audience while addressing a critical need in today’s media landscape—combating misinformation.

During the live broadcast, Zentaro Imai discussed the genesis and goals of “Ray’s Blog,” highlighting its unique approach to media literacy. He explained how the program empowers students to navigate and critically assess the information they encounter, fostering a more informed and discerning generation.

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