Classroom Adventure’s Ray's Blog Featured in Taiwan’s Leading Newspaper, United Daily News

May 27, 2024

Tokyo, Japan – May 26, 2024 – Classroom Adventure is proud to announce that its flagship educational game, Ray's Blog, has been prominently featured in Taiwan’s leading newspaper, 聯合報 (United Daily News). This significant coverage highlights the innovative approach of Classroom Adventure in addressing the global issue of misinformation through engaging and interactive gameplay.

Read Full Article : 大學生創業/把事實查核變遊戲 日本3位比賽冠軍翻轉教育闖出一片天

Ray's Blog -3年B班的隱藏者- is a groundbreaking educational tool that integrates fact-checking skills into an immersive game environment. Designed to combat the spread of misinformation, the game encourages players to discern truth from falsehood, using real-world skills in a controlled, narrative-driven setting. The game’s unique blend of Japanese anime aesthetics, media literacy, and cutting-edge technology has captured the attention of educators and students alike.

The feature in United Daily News comes at a pivotal moment for Classroom Adventure, coinciding with the release of Ray's Blog in Taiwan and the successful workshop recently held in Taipei. This workshop provided hands-on experience with the game, demonstrating its potential to transform traditional educational methods and enhance critical thinking skills among students.

Background of Classroom Adventure:Classroom Adventure was founded by three Keio University students, Noa Horiguchi, Zentaro Imai, and Hinata Furukata, who were inspired to turn their boredom with traditional education into an entrepreneurial venture. The team initially came together to compete in the 2022 Google Verification Challenge, where they won the Japan championship and placed fourth globally. This experience highlighted the importance of fact-checking and combating misinformation, leading to the creation of Classroom Adventure.

Key Highlights from the United Daily News Article:

  • Innovative Approach: The article praises Ray's Blog for its unique method of turning fact-checking into an engaging game, making learning both fun and impactful.
  • Global Reach: Ray's Blog's influence extends beyond Japan, reaching students in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and more, demonstrating its broad appeal and effectiveness.
  • Entrepreneurial Journey: The article details how the founders, still university students, leveraged their diverse backgrounds and skills to build a successful educational technology startup.
  • Educational Impact: Educators and students involved in the Taipei workshop expressed high levels of engagement and learning, reinforcing the game's educational value.

About Classroom Adventure:Classroom Adventure is a Tokyo-based educational technology company specializing in gamified learning experiences. Our mission is to make learning enjoyable and effective through innovative programs that address real-world issues. Our flagship program, Ray's Blog, has received accolades for its creative approach to media literacy and fact-checking education.

Media Contact:Classroom Adventure Media Relations
Phone: +81-3-1234-5678

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