Classroom Adventure Presents Media Literacy Initiative "Ray's Blog" at Government Symposium


May 12, 2024

Classroom Adventure Presents Media Literacy Program "Ray's Blog" at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' Symposium on Ensuring Healthy Information Circulation in the Digital Space

About the Symposium

According to the press release:

With the emergence of new technologies and services such as generative AI and the metaverse, the digital space is expanding and deepening. As stakeholders in the digital space diversify, new issues that impact the physical world are arising. To analyze the current status of these issues and the responses from various stakeholders, and to discuss future policies and specific measures to ensure healthy information circulation in the digital space, we are holding a symposium on this subject.

Discussion Topics:

  1. The status of the spread of services utilizing the digital space and the advancement of information and communication technology.
  2. The current situation of new challenges and responses from various stakeholders.
  3. Basic approaches to future responses.
  4. Specific measures to ensure healthy information circulation in the digital space.
  5. Other related topics.

Classroom Adventure's Initiatives

Combating misinformation on the internet requires grassroots improvement of media literacy among the public. In this context, Classroom Adventure's "Ray's Blog" is an enjoyable and practical media literacy program. Since its launch in April last year, the program has reached over 1,500 participants.

Unlike traditional, formal educational methods, "Ray's Blog" offers media literacy education in a more accessible and engaging format, which was highlighted during the presentation.

For more information on the materials and minutes from the event, please visit the following link.

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