Classroom Adventure Announces the Launch of "Ray's Blog" in Mandarin Chinese for Taiwan -3年B班的隱藏者-


April 30, 2024

🤔藏在Ray's Blog裡的秘密,你聽說了嗎?

日本團隊Classroom Adventure以校園為背景創作的互動遊戲Ray's Blog,邀玩家透過層層關卡學習事實查核技能。

這款遊戲除了登上亞太受信任媒體高峰會,接受日本NHK、Tokyo FM採訪,甚至進軍印尼、香港等地。現在由查核中心獨家引進台灣,中文配音及字幕讓玩家更能投入!


Tokyo, Japan — Building on the success of its Japanese and English versions, Classroom Adventure is thrilled to announce the official release of "Ray's Blog" in Mandarin Chinese. This launch comes as part of a collaborative effort with Taiwan Fact-Check Center, the leading authority in media verification, to combat misinformation which has notably proliferated following the recent earthquake in April.

Background and Impact

Since its inception in April last year, "Ray's Blog" has reached over 1,000 participants with its innovative approach to media literacy. The program, which combines the appeal of role-playing games with critical thinking exercises, has been introduced in various educational institutions ranging from middle schools to universities across Japan. It aims to equip young netizens with the skills necessary to navigate and scrutinize the information-dense world of the internet.

Addressing Misinformation in Taiwan

The need for effective media literacy in Taiwan has never been more critical. Following the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Taiwan in April 2024, a surge of misinformation exacerbated the crisis, spreading fear and confusion. Misleading reports and unverified claims flourished, highlighting the urgent requirement for tools to discern fact from fiction among the public. The Mandarin version of "Ray's Blog" is designed to empower students and educators in Taiwan to effectively challenge and counteract the spread of false information.

Launch Event and Future Plans

To celebrate this milestone, Classroom Adventure, alongside partners Google and Taiwan Fact-Checking Center, will host a launch event and series of first classes at multiple universities and high schools across Taiwan in May 2024. This initiative underscores our commitment to expanding practical, engaging media literacy education worldwide, starting with Taiwanese youth.

Continuing the Mission

Moving forward, Classroom Adventure will continue to collaborate with various educational institutions to ensure the program reaches a broad audience. Our mission is to foster a global community capable of combating the challenges posed by misinformation through engaging and practical educational experiences.

Additional Information

For further information about "Ray's Blog" and our upcoming events, please visit [Insert URL].

About Classroom Adventure

Classroom Adventure is an innovative firm dedicated to transforming education through engaging storytelling and practical exercises. Our programs are designed to make learning an adventure, helping students around the world develop critical thinking skills and navigate the complexities of digital information.

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